Our Purpose

Welcome to the Center For Conscious Ascension website. We are here to support you as you move through the process of Ascension. This is the gradual awakening at the personality level to vaster and higher levels of awareness and consciousness.

This process is usually accompanied by a series of life changes, uncomfortable symptoms, intense healing and transformation. This is because all low frequency beliefs and energies are gradually being shaken out so you can embody more Light and live in alignment to your Divinity.

As the energies within you raise in frequency your life changes to embody more Grace, health, abundance, joy, fulfilment and Divine Connection. This has a profound effect on the raising of consciousness at the collective level which creates more peace, abundance, a cleaner planet, healthier relationships and happier lives at a global level.
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What are you looking for?

Understanding Your Life

Through a Soul Contract Reading (Numerology of Moses) and the Playing Your Soul Contract Workshop you can discover your purpose, why is your life the way it is. It can help you understand yourself and your relationships from a higher perspective.

Healing Yourself

Do you want to heal your life and your relationships? Do you want to feel more empowered? Do you want to experience your Divinity more deeply? If so we may be able to help you using our advanced forms of spiritual healing available in person (Surrey, United Kingdom) or by phone

Awakening To Higher Consciousness

Do you feel there is a greater part of you that you cannot fully access? Lightbody Integration can assist your awakening through the reconnection and embodiment of your Spirit, opening you up to greater Divine Expression.

Tools For Your Growth

Our workshops are an experiential way of accessing many tools to help you become empowered. We offer you our favourite spiritual tools and products to help you on your path of growth to help you heal, stay grounded and connected.

Helping Others

Are you interested in learning healing techniques, opening to channel, giving readings, helping people embody their spirit? Our training groups offer you a variety of advanced techniques to help others and catalyse your own growth.
Copyright 2009 Nicolas David Ngan and Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire

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